Search tool for New York business information.
Realtime browser-based countdown to the time and date of your choice.
Color Rotator
Rotates hex colors by hue.
COVID-19 tracker
Tracks COVID-19 statistics. Updated daily.
Icanhaslink? (ICHL)
A platform for the uploading, downloading, sharing, and storage of files, especially images.
iOS downloads
Provides operating system recovery images for iOS devices.
IP addressScript
A script-compatible IP address retrieval page. See documentation.
A collection of custom maps.
NYS AttorneysBeta
A lookup tool for attorneys in New York State.
A Javascript-based password strength testing tool that runs entirely in the browser.
Random number generator
Given an upper and lower bound, generates a random integer.
Calculates the time at which the sun reaches specific positions in the sky throughout the day.
It's just a clock.
Tells you the weather for the ZIP code of your choice. US only.
WiFi QR Code Generator
Generates a QR code that, when scanned with a phone, allows the user to connect to a WiFi network.